Smart Verbatim

This is a full transcript of the recording with the exception of some amendments to spoken content which ensure a cleaner transcript that is easier to read whilst retaining all relevant content.

  • Habits of speech such as ‘you know’, ‘I mean’, ‘basically’, and ‘sort of’ are omitted
  • Filler utterances such as ‘um’ and ‘err’ are omitted
  • Words of encouragement by the interviewer only, such as ‘yes’ and ‘right’ are omitted
  • Content such as ‘wanna’, ‘gonna’ or ‘cos’ will be corrected
  • Irrelevant chatter and / or interruptions are excluded
  • All contractions are typed as spoken, for example, ‘don’t’ and ‘couldn’t’

This is our most commonly requested standard for interviews and focus groups.