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University Transcription

Essential Secretary has many years’ experience in providing transcription services across various departments of several academic institutions and universities within the UK and worldwide.  In this time, we have worked closely with academic staff and students in aiming to provide accurate and concise transcripts of one to one interviews, research interviews, focus group discussions and lectures, across a wide range of disciplines, and we are confident as one of the most relied upon transcription firms in providing text documents in required formats, compatible with analytical research programs commonly used for qualitative analysis.

Our skilled and experienced transcribers are extremely familiar with formats and layouts required for NVivo, AtlasTi and Leximancer software platforms.

Allow us to handle your transcription needs at discounted university rates and you will not be disappointed.

Interview Transcription

Whether you have a totally verbatim transcription requirement or perhaps an intelligent verbatim need, Essential Secretary will transcribe your recordings accurately, confidentially and in a professional manner.  Our transcribers will take care of your valuable data, allowing you to efficiently spend the time you need on the important analysis process.

It may be that you have been working closely in a research study, and you may realise how time consuming it can be to transcribe your own work.  As someone working so close to a project, you may naturally fill in the gaps, make assumptions or flit over the finer minutiae as you listen.  This is where our expertise can help as our skilled and experienced transcribers can capture the content of your recordings with accuracy and proficiency as the sometimes compromising familiarity is not there for them to be influenced in what they are hearing.

Focus Group Transcription

Focus groups, group discussions and roundtable discussions: these events are all of distinct value to the organiser.  When the need arises for transcription of this nature, a high level of accuracy is paramount and is undoubtedly expected from the transcription service.  Essential Secretary provides this service confidently and efficiently.

Participants in focus groups tend to talk over one another, sometimes as many as five or six people at a time.  They can speak at a passionate and excited pace, and the sound quality can suffer due to the sometimes informal nature of the discussion.  We do understand this.  Even the clearest of recordings of this nature may represent a challenge, however we are highly experienced and skilled listeners and give our utmost consideration and care to your valuable research data.

Student Discounts

We at Essential Secretary understand that as a student, every penny counts, and when students decide to have their interviews transcribed as part of their dissertation, thesis or research work, it is with this in mind that we offer a discounted rate for young and mature students on proof of student status.

Dyslexic Students

Student Services will often support students with learning difficulties including dyslexia.  We transcribe interviews for dyslexic students on a regular basis.  Simply inform us at the time of your enquiry that you will be seeking reimbursement from Student Services, and we will happily discuss this and manage the transcription element of your project for you.