About Us

Here at Essential Secretary Ltd we have two skilled and experienced transcription teams dedicated to providing professional, accurate and efficient transcription services to our customers.  Over the years, we have found it most beneficial to retain an in house team for work deemed too delicate to leave our premises, whilst our stalwart remote transcribing team enables us to provide a comprehensive service second to none.

Established in 2003, the business has thrived and grown into today’s entity.  We recognised early on the need to be the forerunners in innovation, embracing and introducing the latest equipment and software to our valued customer base, which in turn has seen our clients make impressive cost savings with the bespoke systems and services supplied to them.

Based on the borders of Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, we offer our services to a vast range of clients throughout the UK and worldwide.

Our teams

In House Team

Our experienced, skilled and dedicated in house team of transcribers take care of all analogue, video and highly sensitive recordings.  Clients can be rest assured that these projects and assignments are not outsourced and remain in the careful hands of these trusted staff members who will ensure accuracy and standards of quality remain high, as is expected.

Remote Team

This team, whilst remote, is just as experienced, skilled and dedicated as our in house team, only they bring additional qualities and benefits to the organisation.  This selection of diehard ladies and gentlemen gives Essential Secretary the confidence to deliver and perform over and above expectations, whilst ensuring confidentiality and security of data remains safe.

Auditing and Proofing Team

Whilst the transcription teams themselves are the backbone of Essential Secretary in processing the transcripts, it is our Auditing and Proofing Team members who assess, edit and polish projects prior to their release to the client.  Without them, our fabulous reputation and customer loyalty would not be maintained as it has done for so many years.

Administration Team

This group of friendly staff are just as important as everyone else, as they are the foundation upon which Essential Secretary operates.  As a client, your point of contact will be through the Administration Team, and they are responsible for the management and work flow of all things Essential Secretary.