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Digital Audio Transcription

Servicing our Clients since 2002

Audio typing, digital dictation, and audio transcription share the same meaning.  It is the craft of transforming the spoken word into text.  Here at Essential Secretary, we have been transcribing the spoken word since 2002, in all of its glorious formats from digital files to those old-fashioned cassette tapes.


Due to continuing advancements in technology, digital recording software has long surpassed its analogue predecessor and has given companies and employers a greater variety of options which can greatly ease the inherent costs of keeping in-house staff.

The advantage to digital equipment (whether purpose made or by a smart phone app) is that it allows you to record your audio and send the digital file immediately to us for processing.  This enables us to receive your file no matter where you are in the country – or world, for that matter – allowing us to get on with the job at hand.  However, we have not ‘done away’ with our analogue equipment, as we still regularly work with many types of cassette tapes too!

Extensive Range

We offer a wide range of transcription services including transcribing interviews, focus groups, disciplinary hearings, court hearings, conferences, dictation and under caution interviews, to name but a few.  There are, of course, ever increasing types of digital files being used today, however we continuously update our equipment and can state with confidence that we transcribe from all if not most formats, including the common mp3, wav, wma and dss files.

Files accepted for digital transcription include but are not limited to:


Premium Quality

Essential Secretary prides itself on managing your transcription by producing the highest quality transcripts.  All staff are trained and experienced transcribers, who are matched to the industry specific to client needs.  We undertake research to familiarise ourselves with terminology and content if necessary, and our process involves a two phase proofing stage whereby completed transcripts are proofed and edited by our Auditing Team prior to completion.