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Other Services

Essential Secretary’s aim is to provide a bespoke service tailored to the requirements of the client.  It is with this in mind that sometimes it is necessary for us to provide services beyond that of transcription.

Event Recording Services

Sometimes, clients understand they have a need for transcription, but would prefer to incorporate the entire project as far as is practicable to the one service provider.  Essential Secretary is able to attend your event to digitally record the proceedings in order to provide the transcript.

We will send a transcription technician to your event who will set up the recording equipment, and stay to continually monitor and log the event as it is occurring.  At the end of the session or day, we will take your valuably recorded data and transfer it to our offices where we can take care of the transcription in a professional and efficient manner.  If this is a service you would prefer, please do contact our friendly team and we will further discuss your project requirements in detail.