Intelligent Verbatim

This convention is somewhat more complex.  We will:

  • Omit habits of speech
  • Omit filler utterances
  • Omit words of encouragement by interviewer / moderator
  • Irrelevant chatter and / or interruptions are excluded
  • Contractions are corrected to their full form, for example, ‘couldn’t’ is transcribed as ‘could not’
  • Spoken grammatical errors are corrected
  • Housekeeping issues are omitted along with any irrelevant chatter and / or interruptions

This is most frequently used for dictation as our transcribers don their ‘secretarial hats’, and for meetings such as advisory groups and the like where it is the subject content most relevant rather than how it has been said.

Please note that this convention does take longer to transcribe, and will therefore be reflected in cost.