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Corporate Transcription

Managing Professional Matters

Essential Secretary’s professional and confidential transcription services are widely in use within the corporate sector with large business entitles and organisations returning regularly to make use of our exceptional expertise.  We are committed to providing the finest customer service and accuracy of transcripts from market research to disciplinary hearings, board meetings to Q&A sessions,  whilst maintaining competitive fees with excellent turnaround times to all our corporate clients.


Market Research Transcription

We understand that accurate and thorough information is the basis of all successful business as it provides a wealth of information about existing and prospective customers, the competition, and the industry in general.  Market research gathers data analysis and consumer opinions which, in turn, provide the foundation for many critical commercial decisions.  Essential Secretary will manage your vital research data with care and attention, whether it takes the form of 1-1 interviews, telephone interviews or focus group discussions.  We are confident that we can provide a high quality transcription service, allowing you to analyse your data and continue with the next process with minimal effort.

Business Transcription

Board meetings, business forums, seminars and conferences are among the types of transcripts we produce on a day to day basis for many of our clients both existing and new.  We take your carefully recorded meetings and events and transform them into manageable and easy to read transcript documents which can be relied upon for all your business needs by an efficient and accurate service.

HR Transcription

For your employee disciplinary meetings, grievance hearings, fact finding interviews or tribunal hearings we provide specialist transcriptions services to capture the formal meeting in its entirety.  Our transcription team is made up of trained and experienced members of staff who are skilled listeners and exceptionally adept in producing professional transcripts of this nature.

Financial Transcription

We have had the pleasure of undertaking works for major international banks and financial institutions since the inception of Essential Secretary back in 2002.  In this time, we have produced transcripts of AGMs, shareholder communications, events and numerous trading telephone transactions in a secure and confidential manner.

Media Transcription

Essential Secretary also provides an efficient and reliable media transcription service.  Our transcribers and their industry experienced expertise can accept all manner of audio-visual formats of media interviews, podcasts, press conferences and public speeches.

We can also provide a specialist time-stamping service to allow for advanced synchronisation of transcripts and their respective audio or visual files.  We regularly work with clients who require extremely specific formatting so that the transcripts can be imported directly into their software.