New & Improved File Transfer Service

AMS File Transfer offers our clients a file upload method via a secure HTTPS portal with an encrypted point to point file transfer solution used for transferring large and / or sensitive files.  It provides a full audit trail and traceability for GDPR and data protection purposes.

Files are secured in transit and at rest using 256-bit AES encryption with full virus scan and two factor authentication to further protect the data from unauthorised access.

AMS Compliance and Certifications include:

  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • GDPR Compliant
  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • Cyber Essentials Certified
  • with UK Data Sovereignty

This service protects your files against unauthorized access from the beginning to the end of the transfer process, with secure encrypted file transfer.  It eliminates the need to use complicated third-party encryption products that lengthen both delivery time and retrieval time for the client.

Send Us Your Files

Signing In

If you have already gone through the account registration process, you will be able to login to the File Transfer service via:

You will now be prompted to fill in your file transfer user credentials.

    • Username: This should be set to your email address
    • Password: This will be a password you have previously set

After logging in you will be taken to your user account and it will display your file transfer inbox.

New (Sending a File Transfer)

To send a new transfer, select My Transfers and click New and you will be taken through a 3-step process to securely send your files and secure notes

Step 1: Transfer Details:
  • To: this will default to and is not editable – you are sending your files to us, after all
  • Subject: This field must reference either your:
    • Booking Form submission number
    • Project / Study title
    • Organisation / department name with PO number
  • Message: Here you can give us any further information, such as numbers of speakers on each recording, or if you only want a timed section transcribed.
  • Secure Notes: This area is for sensitive data as it is encrypted and only accessible once decrypted by us.  This space is reserved for data such as participant names and other personal data, as well as passwords.
Step 2: Add Files
  • Upload: You can drag and drop files or click “select from your computer” to browse for files.  The Progress Bar will show you a percentage complete indicator and upload time left.
  • Attached Files:  All files uploaded will be shown at the bottom of the Progress Bar.  At least one attached file or secure note is required for each transfer.
  • NB:  This step adds the files to the transfer only.  It does not SEND the transfer.  You must click NEXT to the next Step.
Step 3: Send Transfer
  • Click on the Send button to send your files securely.

Registering for the File Transfer Service

  • This is to enable you to have your own secure portal to login to where you can access your files and see your history of files sent and received.
  • You will be either invited to register via email, or a quick shortcut would be to signup directly at:

  • This page is where you can set a Password against your Username – THIS MUST BE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS
  • Once you click on the Register button, you will be taken to the account activation confirmation page.  Click Continue to Login.
  • You will then be taken to the main login screen, where you can enter your Username (email address) and Password associated with your account.
  • Click Secure Login and you will be able to not only access the  portal to send us your audio / video files, but for transcripts sent back to you too.

Sent Items

The sent items section allows you to view all file transfers you have recently sent.


Here you can view all the transfers you have received from us alongside the corresponding date and time of receipt, the transfer subject and the number of days before expiry.

Click on an inbound transfer to open up further details include the message body and any secure notes attached.  Once viewing a specific transfer, you can download the attached files located at the bottom of the page. If you right click and Save As / Save File As, you can choose where to save your file.  If you left click, the file will be saved to your downloads folder.  Here you can download each file separately or download all files by clicking Download All, this will then package all the files into a single ZIP folder and save them to your downloads folder.