The Encrypted FTP Service

SendThisFile enables you to easily transfer large files to us.  When you transfer a large file via this system, the file is stored on a server and this in turn avoids problems with email attachment size limits.

The service we provide on this website is protected using military grade 128-bit Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption for security during upload and download.  This method of encryption is secure enough to transfer large legal documents, medical records, and audio files, and ensures that your data is never exposed during transport from your computer to the server.  In the unlikely event of data being intercepted during transport, our end-to-end TLS encryption ensures your data in unreadable

As we prefer the highest level of data sensitivity, in addition to security on the transportation of your files, we encrypt your files while they are stored on the server for the short time we have them for transcription purposes.  This extra security measure protects your data in the extremely unlikely event of unauthorized access to the data servers. Even if an intruder could access your data, it would be encrypted using military-grade 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) security.

To further protect your data, your files are given password protection to protect file download links.  Password protection has the primary advantage of limiting file access to only the party with whom you wish to share the file. With password protection enabled, no one may download your file without the correct password.  To be able to send your files to us, you will need to use a password.  This will have been provided to you separately.

Send Us Your Files


Please complete all fields to ensure ease of upload.  Please note that:

  • Your email: You need to replace the text ‘Your email:’ completely with your email address
  • Message: Please provide a reference as to your project name or your associated department so that we can identify your files easily
  • Password: This is not your login password.  This is a password that we will have provided to you in order to use this encrypted service.
  • Don’t forget to select your files.  You will only be able to send 5 files in any one transfer, unless you are able to zip them into a single folder.
  • Then click the button that says ‘SendThisFile’

Once the upload begins, the browser window that started the upload must remain open until the upload is completed.  The progress bar will update until the process is complete.  A message informing you that your files have been successfully uploaded will appear, along with a link to select if you wish to send further files.  You will not receive a confirmation email.



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