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Transcription Specialists

Essential Secretary Ltd have been providing professional, accurate and efficient transcription services throughout the UK since 2002.  We are dedicated to providing professional, cost effective services, utilising the latest technological advances to provide ease of use and cost efficiency for our customers.

We cover a variety of types of transcription, including digital transcription of both audio and video files, time-stamped PACE recordings, and analogue cassettes.  We process transcripts from an exceptionally high range of media, providing a bespoke service tailored to client individual needs and specifications.

Our efficient and friendly service has been welcomed by our clients, who have understood our desire to embrace technology and establish a refined and premium service across multi-disciplines, including banking institutions, market research, academic research, local and regional governmental entities to name but a few.

Whilst a speedy service is adhered to, quality is not sacrificed in place of speed of turnaround, and all our work is produced to the highest standards involving a two-phase proofing practice which is cherished by our time-honoured customers.

Unlike many digital transcription companies, we do not outsource work overseas.  We have two teams within the company, including our carefully chosen remote transcribers, and our in-house team (for highly sensitive work), all of whom speak and write English as their first language and who are trained and experienced within the industry, with a minimum typing speed of 70wpm, and who have individually subscribed to our Company Non-Disclosure Agreement for the security and protection of our client base.

We can transcribe …

  • One to one interviews, research interviews, telephone interviews
  • Focus groups, roundtable meetings, group discussions, teleconferences, webcasts
  • Police / PACE interviews , under caution interviews, disciplinary and investigation hearings, panel hearings, tribunals
  • Conferences, lectures, breakout sessions, Q&A sessions, seminars and symposia
  • Medical transcription
  • University research interviews, including Nvivo / Atlas Ti compatible transcription for qualitative assessment
  • Dictated reports, correspondence and notes

From …

  • MS Teams and Zoom recorded meetings
  • Digital files such as DSS, WAV, MP3, MP4, WMA etc
  • Analogue cassettes including standard C90 tapes, mini tapes, micro tapes
  • PACE recorded tapes and discs
  • Video files and DVDs

Be specific about your requirements

The more specific you are regarding your transcription needs, the easier our staff will find processing your work.

Less time taken = Less cost

We have devised a full comprehensive and guided booking in form for you to utilise, enabling you to be as particular as you wish, giving us an advantageous foundation upon which to commence transcribing your carefully gathered data.

You will be asked to specify your preferred convention, and as standard or as a starting place we suggest our ‘smart verbatim’ or ‘strict verbatim’ depending on your needs, and we use this as a basis upon which to design or tweak to your individual preferences, if required.