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Transcription Specialists

Welcome to the Essential Secretary,  professional transcription specialists offering digital, analogue, video, medical and time stamped (PACE) transcription services.

We aim to provide a professional and efficient virtual service to individuals and companies nationally and worldwide.

We transcribe from a wide range of media, providing a bespoke service to suit the client's individual needs and specifications.

We are an in-house team of secretaries and transcriptionists with a vast range of experience spanning multiple disciplines.  English is our first language.  We provide high quality transcriptions.  We do not outsource any work; you outsource to us.

Whether you have a large or small word processing / transcription project, we will provide rapid, accurate and professional services to suit you or your organisation.

All our transcription services are tailored to suit individual client specifications and delivered with high standards of accuracy and presentation, utilising components of Microsoft Office.


Please click below for your relevant transcription needs:

Medical transcription
University research interviews, and Nvivo / Atlas Ti compatible transcription for qualitative assessment
Video transcription
Digital transcription of DSS, WAV, MP3, MSV, DVF, WMA etc

We are simply here for your use as and when you need us.  And all you pay for, is what you use.

All transcription work is produced to client specifications and delivered with high standards of accuracy and presentation, utilising components of Microsoft Office.

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Here are some of the types of individuals and organisations we currently supply transcription services to:

  • University Departments

  • Financial Institutions

  • Insurance Companies

  • Marketing & Planning

  • Production Companies

  • Solicitors

  • Human Resources

  • Expert Witnesses

  • Manufacturers

  • Architects

  • Recruitment Consultants

  • Authors / Writers

  • Postgraduates

  • Quality Assurance Research

  • Market Research

  • Surveyors

  • Medical Profession

  • Communication Agencies

  • Charities

  • Students



Please do browse through this site, and feel free to contact us if you have any queries about our transcription services, or to develop a strategy to suit your individual needs.

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This page is an introduction to the wide range of transcription services we cover.  We provide a variety of services including traditional analogue tape transcription of cassettes or a digital audio file transcription. Services incorporating knowledge of medical terminology such as audio medical transcription are available, although analogue audio transcription, audio typing, audio typing service are included.  We provide conference transcription and corporate meeting transcription as well as  digital audio transcription and digital audio typing services. For specifically dictated reports and correspondence we have further information on digital dictation, digital transcription, dss transcription, DVF transcription and expert witness transcription.  Multi participant discussions needing a requirement for focus group transcription and group discussion transcription can be utilised with our, intelligent verbatim transcription in addition for interview transcription. Word processing services for manuscript typing are provided and specialist knowledge for medical audio transcription, medical audio typing and medical transcription.  Analogue or traditional audio tapes can be described as micro cassette transcription or micro tape transcription, mini cassette transcription or mini tape transcription corresponding to their various formats.  Other media accept include services for mini disc transcription or mini disk transcription and mini tape transcription. Further digital requirements can be for mp3 transcription, msv transcription and interviews such as one to one interview transcription requirements can also be delivered professionally. Police station interviews or PACE interview transcription services are provided along with research transcription which are accepted by digital formats as well as cassette transcription and tape transcription. Recorded telephone interview transcription are also covered under our interview page, however you can view our TRANSCRIPTION menu to help you for further information. University research transcription, verbatim transcription, wav transcription, wma transcription, word processing services can all be explored on this site, and all these services are currently on supply to clients throughout the UK.